We’ve just received a Facebook Message about a Yamaha XS750 Cafe Racer, and it is a worthwile share!

Today we do not show you a trillion pictures, but a movie of the build included some shots of the finished bike.

Sit back, relax, get a popcorn & a brew and enjoy the show.

The Build

The Result

Yamaha-XS750-Café-Racer-by-Hans-Dijstelbloem-1 Yamaha-XS750-Café-Racer-by-Hans-Dijstelbloem-2 Yamaha-XS750-Café-Racer-by-Hans-Dijstelbloem-3

Want to share your Café Racer / Project with the world, like Hans did with his Yamaha XS750 Café Racer?

Just send an email to info@caferacersunited or just click here, and we’ll make it happen!

The Yamaha XS 750 and Yamaha XS 850 was a line of motorcycles produced by the Yamaha Motor Corporation from 1976 to 1981 for the worldwide motorcycle market. The last model year of manufacturing was 1981. Released in Japan in 1976 as the GX750 sporting wire wheels (as opposed to cast alloy in all other models) the XS750 became the name for the export model.

These bikes are usually referred to as “Triples” because they have 3 cylinders. The first 4 model years the bike displaced 750cc. This was increased to 850cc for the final 2 model years. There were various changes made to the model over the years.

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