We love a good Yamaha Cafe Racer once in a while (click) and we are happy to show you this Yamaha XJ900 Cafe Racer by Tarmac Custom Motorycles from Spain.

The owner contacted us this week with the question: “Would you like to do a story on my bike?”

We answered (obviously) with a BIG: Yes we do!
(So, if you’ve got a story for us, please let us share it with more Cafe Racer enthusiasts –> Mail us

We let Javi Pacheco, the owner of this Yamaha Cafe Racer, do the talking.

The bike came in a horrible cosmetic condition , but engine was working good.


As always we completely disassembled it and everything used on the build was sand blasted and then powder coated or painted.

We adapted a Kawasaki KZ650 tank with a monza style cap.
The subchassis was shortened and rounded.

The front fork comes from a Yamaha R1, and so discs , brake calipers and front master cylinder.

yamaha_xj900_cafe_racer__7 yamaha_xj900_cafe_racer__10

We fitted a pair of piggyback shocks on the rear.

The headlight comes from a classic Spanish motorcycle, to which a middle rack was added.


Renthal handlebars with cnc risers.
The speedo is a typical cafe racer item.

yamaha_xj900_cafe_racer__9 yamaha_xj900_cafe_racer__4

The alu fenders were handmade with our english wheel.
Heidenau tyres give that scrambler touch ….. along with the trials footpegs and the enduro license holder and rearlight.
As in all our bikes we rewired the bike completely.




The engine received a new clutch and gaskets. Was sandblasted and painted black.
Carburators received new needles , power filters and got rejetted.


We changed the original exhausts by a pair of megaphones.


Now this 900cc yamaha feels really like a less capacity bike, smaller, narrower and lighter…..except for the POWER!!
Johnny (the commisioner of the bike) is really pleased with it!!!


Go Johnny!! Go!!!

yamaha_xj900_cafe_racer__12 yamaha_xj900_cafe_racer__11

Thanks a lot for sharing!!!


Javi Pacheco

5 Responses

  1. ElStellino

    This bike is ace! I am browsing the site in search of ideas (read daydreaming) but as soon as I have a bit of money aside I will make something similar!

  2. Matt

    I’m doing a custom XJ900 at the moment, how’d you guys get that shade of Gold on the R1 5JJ forks? Did you have them anodized again or is that paint?

    Similarly, what company made the rear shocks?

  3. Ibon

    The R1 have a digital tachometer, how have you made for install a mechanical one?.
    Thanks a lot and best regards


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