This Yamaha RD350 Cafe Racer is a one of a kind. Richard Weslow of Circle K Kustoms has just send us a inside story of the build and we couldn´t me more pleased! It isn’t even Christmas yet!

They grafted an old RZ race bike into the RD350.

The combination of the low weight and rather simple technique makes it a perfect starting point to build a lightweight and powerful racer!

Where it all started


Just some “old bikes” many would say….

RD350-Cafe-Racer-2 RD350-Cafe-Racer-3

Soon after finding the bikes, they were stripped and the heat was on!



RD350-Cafe-Racer-55 RD350-Cafe-Racer-56 RD350-Cafe-Racer-6 RD350-Cafe-Racer-7



They moved the swing arm pivot point back 3 inches and with the rz mono shock and swing arm it gave a 6 1/2 inch stretch to the rear .


Seems like it all fits together. Just take a look at at that front end


Whoohoo, the 2-stroke powerplant is fitted into the frame


Vintage Ducati seat

RD350-Cafe-Racer-13 RD350-Cafe-Racer-14

Avon lynx front clip hand built rear sets on a forge to fit around the pipes.


Barlow porting banshee reed blocks boost bottle moto Carrera pipes and a little 70`s black magic.


The details on this bike are amazing.

RD350-Cafe-Racer-19 RD350-Cafe-Racer-20

Richard: “Cant forget Kurt Schwengel and his brother and dad for helping could have not done it without those guys”

More info on RD350’s can be found here
More info on RZ350’s can be found here

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  1. Mark Snyder

    Hi, I’m Mark Snyder I did all the porting on the RD350, and built the engine for Richard. I also donated the RZ350 rolling race chassis. Disappoited, not even an honorable mention.


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