This guy takes building to the next level.

I just stop writing about this Suzuki GS450 E Café Racer right here, because these pictures and the level of detail tell their own story.

The Headlight

lamp-1 lamp-2 lamp-3


lamp-4 lamp-5

The Disc Brake

disc disc-2 disc-3

The Battery Box

battery-holder-2 battery-holder-1 battery-holder-3 battery-holder-4 battery-holder-6 battery-holder-5

The Speedo (yup, out of wood)

kmh-1 kmh-2

The Brake and Gear Pegs (yup, once again a lot of wood)

gear-1 gear-2 rear-brake gear-3 gear-5 gear-4 pegs-1 pegs-2 peg-3 gear-7 gear-6


sprocket-1 sprocket-2 sprocket-3

Hand Made Aluminium Tank + Mount

tank-mount-2 tank-mount-4





tank-2 tank-1 tank-3

Front Fender

fender fender-2 fender-3

Brake Hub



rear-brake-hub-2 rear-brake-hub-3

Plate holder

plaet-holder-2 plaet-holder-1

The seat



Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-10 Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-6 Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-7 Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-5

Put it together

together-2 together-3 Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-13 Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-12 Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-11 Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-9 Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-8 Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-5 Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-2 Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-1 front-3 front-2 front-1 close-up

The details on this bike….

“Just” made a cable holder… a thing of beauty

Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-3 Suzuki-GS450-E-Café-Racer-by-Roughneckk-4

Getting sooo jealous right about now 😉

I hope you don’t hate me now, but this is the current status of the bike.

Like always:

To be continued!

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