Today we bring you this Honda CB250N Cafe Racer, with some stylish picture we must say.

As usual, we let the builder do the talking. Well, this time the team consist of 3 persons: Boyfriend & Girlfriend and a Brother! How awesome is that!?

“After spending the last couple of years working upon my long term XS650 hard tail project, I finally pulled my finger out of my ass did a motorcycle competency course and obtained my learner riding licence during December 2012.

This led to an immediate problem for me as I now finally learned how to ride a motorcycle yet didn’t have a running bike I could jump straight on to. With my girlfriend also gaining her licence as well, I decided upon getting my hands on a small capacity run around bike that I can build my skills upon whilst my XS was in construction, yet would be suitable for her in the near future.

After scanning ebay I managed to find a registered 1981 CB250N at the right price, however it was located some distance away from me. With only one hour of riding experience on public roads, I took the plunge and flew 300km to pick it up and ride back to Sydney site unseen.

Of course the itch to turn it from an ugly fucker was too strong, so I decided that I’d build a cafe project within a strict 2 week timeline. As this bike is going to be my girlfriend’s sometime soon, she is lending a significant helping hand in getting the bike constructed. I’m also getting some significant help from my brother as well to ensure it gets done in time.”

The Honda CB250N where it all began.


A super quick tear down


Grinding of the old  rear seat hoops


Some progress including a Kawasaki KH100 fuel tank that will be added.
Also making the first preparations for the new seat pan + a new shorty front fender, made by the future owner!!

honda_cb250n_cafe_racer_4 honda_cb250n_cafe_racer_5

Working on the fuel tank and the front end


Some more progress on the seat, front end etc. It’s looking like a cool bike already!


Bulding a stash tube under the seat to house tools, phone, etc whilst on the road. They installed a 100mm plastic poo pipe as a temporary measure, however, they  want to end up replacing it for a copper tube.

The frame received a hit with the grinder to remove a couple of unneeded tags, as well as being sanded back for priming and painting.


The frame received some fresh black paint and the seat was also finished


Painting in progress.


Fast forwarding! Check this Honda Cafe Racer out!

They even put the Honda Cafe Racer on the Dyno to tune it right.

The finished bike, including female builder/owner. A match made in heaven we must say!

honda_cb250n_cafe_racer_12 honda_cb250n_cafe_racer_16 honda_cb250n_cafe_racer_15 honda_cb250n_cafe_racer_14 honda_cb250n_cafe_racer_13


For more fun and interesing onboard videos of the owner on his Honda Cafe Racer can be found here!

In Motion Photo’s Youtube Channel

3 Responses

  1. Joseph

    Hey man,

    Great build! It looks amazing!

    I’m currently working on my first project bike and it’s a CB250 Custom. I was wondering if replaced an airbox with a pod filter? Did you have to rejet the car afterwords?


  2. CafeRacersUnited

    Hi Joe, a CB250 as a first is a great choice. Did the same!

    We strongly recommend to rejet after mounting pod filters.
    This isn’t only better for the engine (air/fuel ratio), but also for the performance.

    We have written some about rejetting on Cafe Racers United, so you could find it easily with the search on top of the page.

    Next to this, this topic could be helpful as well!

    We hope this helped.

    Jim, Cafe Racers United

  3. Chris

    If you don’t mind me asking, how much did the project end up costing you?


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