How To Solve Wiring on a Cafe Racer

The How To page is for people who want to get their hands dirty, or are thinking about getting them all greased up. Just watch, learn and ask. Before you know it, you are building your own beauty’s. These posts will be a combination of collected information from the web and produced by our own.

In this post we try to help you on how  to Solve Wiring on a Cafe Racer

This  post will included many visual support, while this will help you the most. The sources used for this post can be found at the end. We  hope this will help to solve wiring on a Cafe Racer (and other bikes).

These 2 following wiring diagrams are for Cafe Racer with or without a Battery. These are both made by Evan Fell and we are very grateful for that!

Custom wiring Cafe Racer

Click to enlarge


wiring a cafe racer witout a battery

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This last wiring diagram is made by speedshop on and is an universal one!

Wiring on a cafe racer void

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[Update 10/10/2013] We just received another Wiring Diagram of a Honda CB750 (kicker only ) by Jeroen van Loon

Kabelboom Custom CB750F1

Click to enlarge

In this in our project section we also have a short movie about wiring a cafe racer, by Ichiban.

Good luck!

Building a Cafe Racer Yourself?

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