How To Make a Cafe Racer Tank With Knee Dents

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In this post the guys of The Bullit show you how to make a Cafe Racer Tank with knee dents!

Normally it isn’t a good a thing to have a dent, or multiple, in your tank, but today we serve you with dents you definitely like!

The guys elaborate:

I had my first go at hammering in my own knee dents on the project CB.  After picking up a cheap nylon teardrop mallet and watching a quick youtube video it was time to have at it.

“The Youtube Video”

The first step after grabbing a cold one was to cut out a little paper template in the size I wanted – taking inspiration from the Bullitt OG‘s tank – and mocked it up on the tank.  Can’t say I wasn’t at least a little hesitant to take that first swing but it really wasn’t too bad once I started.

Get your tank, if you like, already remove the paint (for the more raw look and feel)

Cafe Racer Tank With Knee Dents 1.1

Use the “teardrop” mallet on both sides to get a symmetrical surface for your hammer time.

Cafe Racer Tank With Knee Dents 1

Don’t hit the tank like your life is depending on it, but hammer with patience and you will get a result like this.

Cafe Racer Tank With Knee Dents 3

Cafe Racer Tank With Knee Dents 2

Cafe Racer Tank With Knee Dents 4

Building a Cafe Racer Yourself?

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  1. John

    This is a great tip. How can you go about smoothing the rough dents in the knee pocket before paint?


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