Whoohoo a 6 cylinder Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer project! The sound that those great machines make is superb and luckily we have the chance to share Mike Common’s well-documented story about his Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer.

We asked Mike to share his CBX story and he answered swiftly and enthusiastically:

“Glad that you liked it! Stories, build photos ? Hell, ya ! For as long as I can remember, I had been looking at adverts for CBXs. I had almost ‘pulled the trigger’ on a few, but never followed through. It’s funny how things work out. I was in an accident on my, beloved, SR500.”

“The SR came through it rather well. Me? Not so much.  I had 7 months convalescence to look forward to. Within two weeks of being out of the hospital,I found an ‘X’. My buddy, Gordie, drove me out for a look. I swear, he hit EVERY pothole during the 11/2hr. trip. I was sitting in the back seat. My shoulder was bolted back together, so the front seat wasn’t an option, the seatbelt went across that shoulder. I had a BUNCH of broken ribs too, so it was comical for Gord to wait on my reaction after each pothole we went over. The Honda had issues, but they only helped me negotiate a good price. I couldn’t ride the bike, so the owner made a few passes in front of his house, so I could hear it. A deal (!) was struck, and the owner, kindly, rode it back to my place. He had to put it up on the centre stand, in front of my garage, and there it sat for two months. I couldn’t get it down, because of my injuries. The Yammie sold to an excited lad in the States, and the money financed the CBX project.”

“I started posting a build thread on the CBX forum, anticipating I’d need help. There’s a great bunch of knowledgeable, encouraging lads there that were only too eager to pitch in. In the end, I kept posting so I’de have a personal record of how the build went.  During the course of the build, whenever I had heavier bits to move, my friends were ‘volunteered’ to help out. It got to be a bit of a laugh in my neighbourhood. I put up some videos too, but the bike’s already morphed from those original shots. 15,000km. later, I’m happy to report that it’s the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike. Honest, it’s just a BLAST to ride!”

It is a first that we do not start with a picture of the “official beginning” but with a movie. Mike thought about everything!

The Stripping began!

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 1

Some small parts, like the carbs, were already cleaned and “pimped”

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 2

A Suzuki GSXR swingarm was added

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 3

A set of Suzuki GSXR triple clams/trees/yokes as well

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 4

Plus a stunning set of , yup, your guessed it right; GSXR forks.

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 5

The Tokico calipers got some fresh paint and new rubbers, for some save and flashy stopping power!

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 6

Building a new rear shock/linkage system (ready to be welded onto the frame)

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 7

Cut/grind/ fit/grind/fit/grind/fit……tack/clean up mess/pour a Scotch (Mike’s words)

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 8

The first subframe steps

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 9

Saving weight!

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 10. jpg

We love to see this! 1000cc stock vs 1147cc slug

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 11

Sand Blasting + Painting the engine parts

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 12

Rebuilding the engine

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 14 Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 15

Looking good!

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 13


Great level of detail on the rims as well

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 17

Working on the fuel tank and gas cap

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 16

Dressing up the tank 😉

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 18


Look at this bad boy!

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 22

Painting the frame

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 19

A perfect fit!

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 20

Coca Cola for when Mike get’s thirsty (vapor catch tank)

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 21

So, let’s see this all together

An anti-getting-your-ass-wet fender

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer 23

So, how does this look all together? Let’s walk around the bike for a few seconds

Mike has truly done a great job here!

Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer by Mike Common 1 Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer by Mike Common 2 Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer by Mike Common 3 Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer by Mike Common 4 Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer by Mike Common 5

5 Responses

  1. Rhett

    Would love to turn my CBX into same as shown … could you tell me what parts you used for suspension & brakes and what mods to frame

  2. Frederic hugon

    très beau travail avec un excellent résultat,
    de quel année est le bras oscillant et la fourche du gsxr?

  3. Wilson

    Can you give me more details how did you setup the schock underneath the swing arm,
    Send some pictures if possible.
    Also, witch schock did you use?

    Than you in advance.


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