We like to talk with Cafe Racer enthusiast from all over the globe and this time we interviewed Samik Chatterjee of Motokraft Customs in India.
They built a Cafe Racer on a Hero Karizma (globally known as Honda CB 230).
This is their story.

MONSTRO II cafe racer by motokraft customs 2

“Our leathers smell of grease, our hands are always coloured with engine oil and we cannot stop talking about motorcycles, to the extent of being completely handicapped to participate in any other conversation. Yes we listen to music, a lot of it, but if we have to put our finger on it, it will still be the sound of a free revving engine that settles our senses.


MONSTRO II cafe racer by motorkraft customs 3

We love riding in the city-streets, highways, off-road trails to no trails… but heck we live in a busy city called New Delhi, and somehow a cafe-racer seemed perfect to build for the city, with our indigenous sense of design & engineering. We retained the bare lines of the moto to emphasize the simplistic nature of cafe-racers and extended a few lines for functional balance!!!

Letting out a secret, it rides even better than it looks!”


MONSTRO II by Motorkraft Customs

Custom parts
• Rear mono-shock (nitrox) assembly and brace
• Triple T with 41mm short travel suspension
• Signature gas cap (brass)
• Clip-on handle bars
• Hand stitched leather seat
• 5” wide rear rim (spoked)
• Body-parts
(tank, side panels, fenders, rear number plate, Headlamp)
• Footpegs
• Dual face under-belly exhaust
• Paint job

Honda CB230 Cafe Racer by Motorkraft Customs 3


3 Responses

  1. Simone

    Hi guys,
    Really good job. I like your motorcycle. I have a Honda CB400T in Venezuela and it is my cafe racer project. Could you talk me more details about your bike: tires sizes, tank disegn, etc.
    Thanks and best regards.

  2. Pragun

    Hello i am pragun kutlehrria from chandigarh and i m having pulsar 180 aircooled new version 2014 and its new …i like to change it in custom version could you suggest me some designs so i will give my bike to you and u will do it …my range is 20 k


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