You just wouldn’t believe the beautiful Cafe Racers people produce in their sheds. In Holland Mario Kusters made such a beauty! He made himself an awesome Ducati Monster 900 Cafe Racer.

This shape of this shed build by Mario was inspired by Radical Ducati’s 9½. For the colors he took the early seventies Mike Hailwood racers as inspiration (with extreme flakes). Also the white heat wrap around the exhausts refers to these seventies bikes.

Ducati Monster 900 Cafe Racer by Mario Kusters 2

As a base he used a 1996 Monster 900 and basically only the engine, the first part of the frame and the front fork were left unchanged. For the rest nearly every part was exchanged or modified (see the comprehensive list of modifications)

The most challenging part of the build was designing a new linkage system for the rear suspension, that was necessary because of the relocation of the linkage point. That linkage point had to be relocated to give room for the homemade sub frame.

Ducati Monster 900 Cafe Racer by Mario Kusters

A very close friend did a very great job in milling the required parts out of aerospace grade aluminum.

Ducati Monster 900 Cafe Racer by Mario Kusters 1

List of modifications:

  • Tank: Ducati 999 tank with ergal quick open gas tap
  • Seat: Radical café racer solo seat
  • Air filter: K&N
  • Swingarm: Ducati Hypermotard
  • Rear wheel: Ducati 916
  • Brake and clutch masters: Ducati 748R
  • Exhausts: laser, piping homemade
  • Sub frame: homemade
  • Front fender: Ducati hypermotrad
  • Speedo: Koso
  • Clip-ons: Triumph Daytona
  • Switches: Yamaha R6
  • Steps: Ducati monster S2R
  • Rear suspension: stock with Hyperpro spring
  • Bi-Xenon front light in homemade holder/ numberplate
Ducati Monster 900 Cafe Racer by Mario Kusters 3

Isn’t this just a perfect Monster? This Ducati Monster 900 Cafe Racer?

Photo credits René van Duijnhoven

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